The Madison Street Residence was constructed in 1995 on a lot in the King William neighborhood in San Antonio that had been vacant since around 1980.  A two-story apartment building, probably built around 1920, had previously occupied the lot and before that, a stone house built before 1873. The house was designed to respond to the eclectic context of its immediate neighbors: the main body of the house is a one-story interpretation of the farm houses typical of the area before the arrival of the railroad to San Antonio in 1877, while the two tall volumes, one clad in board-and-batten, the other an airy bronze-screened room, reflect the massing of the apartment buildings across Beauregard Street.  These elements, and the major interior rooms of the house, are grouped around a private exterior courtyard, which features a bog garden, and a stone wall built from limestone foundation blocks discovered during the construction of the foundation.